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Outward Creative began in 2009 with the clear mission that drives us today—to celebrate wildlife, promote the value of wild places and to tell the stories of our clients who share these values. We are content creators dedicated to the outdoor industry. Photography, video and advertising is how we serve our clients, but the heartbeat of our business has always been an appreciation for wild things and wild places. This fundamental belief in the value of the outdoors is what enables us to serve our clients and tell their stories in impactful ways.
Founder Chris Collis (Creative Director, Photographer) works with a team of skilled professionals to serve our clients. Outward Creative is based out of San Antonio, Texas.


Chris Collis

Creative Director, Photographer
My appreciation for the outdoors began in Austin, Texas, where I grew up birdwatching and bowhunting. An appreciation for the beauty and variety of nature led to a deep commitment to conservation that grew during my studies in philosophy and historical theology at Baylor University. My dedication to nature further increased while I pursued graduate studies at Westminster Seminary in San Diego, California, competed in target archery and explored hunting opportunities in states throughout the US. Simultaneously, I took over the marketing for our family property in South Texas—building the website, creating print ads, email campaigns and directing trade shows.

Committed to innovative models for conservation of wildlife, I also began using nature photography to generate revenue on private lands via Living Exposures, a marketing and design firm I founded to serve the Texas outdoors industry. I have shared my love of nature with so many inspirational people over the years. To begin my career, chief among these were John Martin and the conservation heroes at Images for Conservation. Out of this I built a foundation in photography and outdoor marketing that the following decade has built upon. While it is the wildlife and wild places that I talk about most often, it is the people in our industry that inspire me most.

Outward Creative combines my experience as a photographer and brand strategist to create comprehensive, purposeful, and integrated marketing and branding campaigns. Working with a small team of skilled creatives, Outward reimagines the marketing process to take clients beyond simply selling products. Rather, the approach we take is to brand lifestyles which exponentially increases our clients' fundamental value.

In 2015, I began philanthropic work with Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation in support of their mission to preserve the future of wild things and wild places in Texas for future generations. Stewards of the Wild is the Foundation's very successful young professionals program. After founding the San Antonio chapter in 2016, I served as co-chair until 2019 when I joined the the Foundation's board as a Board Fellow. The Stewards of the Wild program in particular is an excellent example of how our generation is picking up the torch for conservation, adapting the message and the mission to an ever-changing society.

Please call or email me today to set up a free consultation. I look forward to getting to know you and your brand.


We build brands from the inside out, following a simple and effective process:


01. Understand the client by listening first and establishing a relationship.

02. Set goals for the work with a priority on measurable results.

03. Identify how the brand is positioned in the market.

04. Create a campaign proposal to leverage the most effective means of reaching their audience.

05. Create the content outlined in the campaign.

06. Build the brand through distribution of that content and interaction with their audience.


The team of adventurous and creative specialists from Texas
Our team collaborates with you to create a strong brand with exclusive and engaging content that speaks directly to your clients. We thrive on creating content that works with your brand, style, and budget. We can manage multiple facets of branding, marketing, and advertising campaigns, or just stick to the basics until you are ready for more. Most importantly – we understand the outdoor industry and lifestyle against the rapidly changing landscape we're proud to call home.

Experienced Outdoor Marketing Professionals

Make Outward Creative your in-house agency. Content creation, website design, print ads, social media, newsletters, and increased sales are our form of deliverables. There are many important details that distract you from the day-to-day essentials of your business. Outward streamlines your branding and marketing efforts so that your focus stays on business operations.
Let us address your business challenges with the creative spirit that has worked for our clients time and again. We look forward to getting to know you and discussing how we can serve your brand.
Chris Collis shooting a short film for Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation

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